We're reignite. This is our Story.

We're crafting an AI-powered platform for unparalleled character creation, merging your creativity with cutting-edge technology.

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At reignite, we're forging a hub for gamers to unleash their creativity, offering an AI-driven space where they can connect with their favorite games and animes beyond the screen. Our mission is to enable gamers to craft and share unique character art, fostering a vibrant community where personal gaming experiences are celebrated and expanded.

We're dedicated to enhancing player engagement, offering tools for personal expression and growth in the gaming world, ultimately enriching the experiences of players, creators, and fans alike.

Our core behaviors

We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors.

Authentic Communication: Honest, open dialogue.
Pioneering Spirit: Pushing tech boundaries.
Inclusivity & Respect: Celebrating diverse voices.
Fun & Playfulness: Work hard, game harder.
Courageous Innovation: Daring to disrupt.
Don't Play it Safe: Dream big.
Ownership Mindset: Embracing challenges.
Community Focus: Players at heart.
Gaming DNA

Born in the Pixel Era.

We're reignite, your fellow gaming enthusiasts and tech aficionados. We've lived the grind and shared the thrill. And we’ve channeled that into solving the very problems we faced as gamers. This platform is our shared quest, a space to celebrate your unique gamer identity.

Johannes Herbig

Johannes Herbig

Co-Founder; Chief Executive Officer
Christoph Schulze

Christoph Schulze

Co-Founder; Chief Product Officer
Joshua Kirrbach

Joshua Kirrbach

Co-Founder, Chief Data Officer
Jan Frömberg

Jan Frömberg

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Florenz Erstling

Florenz Erstling

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

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