We're reignite. This is our Story.

We're creating a unified identity platform for you.

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At reignite, we're building a platform for gamers to express their unique identity, bridging the Web2 community to the Web3 ecosystem, and creating an environment that not only enhances experiences but also adds value for players, developers, guilds, and companies.

Harnessing the power of Web3, we aim to secure each gamer's identity, enabling them to map their journey while promoting meaningful growth within the gaming landscape.

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We in numbers

  • 2020

    Year founded
  • +150K

    Total Gamer Identities (July 2023)
  • +214K

    Total Cards

The Thoughts Behind

  • 1
    Huge Problem
    We started reignite because of a huge problem which bothered us as gamers a lot. — Over 75% of multiplayer gamers experience in-game toxicity (1bn Multiplayer
Gamer worldwide)
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    Our Approach
    Our goal was to create perfect matches through a new digital identity. Connecting game statistics and personality.
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    Our Solution
    We learned that people love creating their own card based Identity and collect digital goods. This went so fast viral that our servers crashed. We aspire to create a unified gaming ecosystem, where all achievements, stats, and profiles converge, eliminating the fragmentation across platforms. Our ambition is to transform reignite into a universal hub, where every player is not just a username, but a story, an identity by bridging the gap between the familiar Web2 world and the immersive, expansive Web3 metaspace.
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Our core behaviors

We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors.

Authentic Communication: Honest, open dialogue.
Pioneering Spirit: Pushing tech boundaries.
Inclusivity & Respect: Celebrating diverse voices.
Fun & Playfulness: Work hard, game harder.
Courageous Innovation: Daring to disrupt.
Don't Play it Safe: Dream big.
Ownership Mindset: Embracing challenges.
Community Focus: Players at heart.
You're More Than Just a Username. We Know That.

We redefine gaming by placing you, the gamer, at the forefront.

With our passion for gaming and understanding of Web3, we are pioneering a platform that centralizes and elevates your unique gaming persona by promoting real value and ownership and connecting you with people who enrich you.


Your Launchpad into Web3

We're all about fueling the gaming evolution - driving the transition of gamers like you into the vast, dynamic world of Web3. We believe in empowering the gaming community, a diverse, passionate collective teeming with potential. We're shaping a future where gamers have control, using our platform to craft identities, engage, and drive the narrative.

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Unlock Real Value.
Claim True Ownership.

At reignite, we're reshaping gaming. We've built a platform that centralizes your gaming persona, fostering a safe and respectful community where your achievements are recognized and rewarded. Our verified gamer identities combat toxicity, promoting positive interactions and inclusivity.

Social Impact

Gaming for good.
Positivity, Identity, Inclusivity.

Our platform celebrates your unique gamer identity, championing inclusion and respect while battling toxicity. With us, you're not a username, you're a valued gamer. Together, we're making gaming a force for positive social change. This is reignite - gaming's future, redefined.

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Gaming DNA

Born in the Pixel Era.

We're reignite, your fellow gaming enthusiasts and tech aficionados. We've lived the grind and shared the thrill. And we’ve channeled that into solving the very problems we faced as gamers. This platform is our shared quest, a space to celebrate your unique gamer identity.

Johannes Herbig

Johannes Herbig

Co-Founder; CEO
Christoph Schulze

Christoph Schulze

Co-Founder; Chief Creative Director
Joshua Kirrbach

Joshua Kirrbach

Co-Founder; Community Manager; Support
Eugen Cravtov-Grandl

Eugen Cravtov-Grandl

Working Student Development
Florenz Erstling

Florenz Erstling

Jan Frömberg

Jan Frömberg

Operations Manager

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