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You are more than just a username

You are a unique gamer with a unique story to tell.

Express your passion, manifest your true self, and explore a world where every identity extends beyond a mere username. This is your place, crafted by gamers, for gamers like you.

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Make your gamer mark

Discover a space that celebrates you.

Gaming is more than just a hobby; it's a culture, a passion, an identity. Reignite is where your gaming spirit gets the recognition it deserves. Here, you’re not just another username in a sea of players. You’re unique. You matter.

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Your Gamer Identity, Lost in the Ether?

Your achievements, your passion, your persona – all in one place.

What if your gaming profile could tell your unique story? With reignite, it can. We have developed a first-of-its-kind platform that allows you to consolidate your gaming data and social interactions into one dynamic identity. Our digital cards are your canvas to reflect your gaming journey. They can be tailored with your gaming achievements, stats from your favourite games, even the interests and passions that make you, you.

its all about defining who you are
And it's not just about displaying your gaming prowess; it's about showcasing your personality, your quirks, and the real you.
game cards floating around
We call this your 'gamer identity' -
a comprehensive reflection of who you are in the gaming world.
Your Profile, Your Cards, Your Identity

Create a Gamer Persona that's Uniquely Yours.

Personalized Cards

Design and share your gaming journey with customizable cards.

personal, hobby, interest and game cards
tag system for more personality

Identity Tags

Capture your gaming persona through detailed, personalized tags.

Seamless Communication

Foster connections with an intuitive messaging system and friends list.

message feature
shuffe feature for matching

Gamer Matchmaking

Discover and connect with gamers that resonate with your persona.

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web3 is the future of gaming

Embrace the Future of Gaming

Web3 technology – Protecting and verifying your gamer identity

We're not just about the now; we're building for the future. By leveraging Web3 technology, reignite ensures the protection and verification of your unique gamer identity. Telling a compelling story that is authentically you without the need for crypto knowledge, just pure gaming enjoyment.

Forge Partnerships.
Fuel Progress.

We are fortunate to align our mission with remarkable visionaries. Together with our partners - a stellar line-up of industry pioneers, avant-garde investors, and influential corporates, we're carving a unique path in gaming history. With them by our side, we're making gamer identity matter - in the most secure, expressive, and revolutionary way.

Get to know us

We understand the digital landscape because we've been there, just like you. We’ve seen the obstacles, experienced the pitfalls, felt the frustration. It was time for a change. This is why reignite was born.

Johannes Herbig

Johannes Herbig

Co-Founder; CEO
Christoph Schulze

Christoph Schulze

Co-Founder; Chief Creative Director
Joshua Kirrbach

Joshua Kirrbach

Co-Founder; Community Manager; Support
Pyros who are into the PyroLink Program
Where Gamers Ignite Change.

Fuel Your Journey in the Gaming Community

PyroLink is your spark to lead in our gaming community. As an early adopter, you’ll join one of three teams, fostering connections, guiding newcomers, and illuminating the joy of gaming. As you complete community quests and engage within our PyroLink program, you'll gain XP, unlock new titles, earn privileges, and reap rewards. Your Pyro level is a testament to your dedication and contribution, reflecting your luminous journey. Your flame awaits.

Ready to ignite your identity?
Lets start together!

Build your identity, connect with like-minded gamers and become an integral part of our vibrant community. Download reignite and let your gamer identity shine.

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