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AI-enabled creative platform for gaming, anime, fandom.

Turning your dreams and passion into unique masterpieces. Designed for all skill levels, it's a space by gamers, for gaming and anime enthusiasts like you, where every creation is a reflection of your individuality and creativity. 🙂

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Bond with your beloved characters

Discover a space that enables your creativity outside your beloved games.

Gaming transcends mere play; it's an art, a devotion, a personal signature and most important your passion! At reignite, we celebrate your creative spirit in the realm of game character art. Here, your artistic vision is not just another design in a sea of AI driven creations. It's a unique masterpiece. You're not just a gamer; you are a creative person, and your creations matter.

The First AI Image Generation focused on Gaming Characters.

A canvas for your love. Your unique vision creates extraordinary gaming art.

Elevate your creative prowess with reignites AI Game Character Art Generation tool. It's more than just bringing game and anime characters to life; it's about redefining boundaries. Catering to both beginners and professionals, our platform offers a range of intuitive settings to sculpt your vision. Experience an unparalleled blend of simplicity and power, crafted to nurture the creativity of game enthusiasts at every level."

Your idea, your creation, your artwork.

Craft an AI-Enhanced character That's distinctly yours with reignite.

A lot to discover

To start your creative revolution we offer, League of Legends, Arkknights, etc.

Unlimited possibilities

Create Backgrounds for your phone, Desktop-Screen or even high quality artworks for printing!

Seamless Communication

Foster connections with an intuitive messaging system and friends list.

Stay up to date with your favorite creators

Coming soon: Follow other users and creators to experience their creativity and start co-creating more awesome stuff.

Gamers are creative, be part of the community and co-create!

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A community of over 200,000 users is waiting for you!

reignite's influence stretches beyond our innovative character creation tools — we're at the heart of a vast and dedicated AI gaming community, passionately committed to nurturing it."

Forge Partnerships.
Fuel Progress.

We're privileged to join forces with visionary creators. United with our partners, a diverse array of creative innovators and forward-thinking developers, we're shaping a new chapter in gaming history. With their collaboration, reignite is elevating the art of game character creation, making it more immersive, secure, and groundbreaking than ever. You are an artist and want to work with us? Get in touch!.

Get to know us

We understand the digital landscape because we've been there, just like you. We’ve seen the obstacles, experienced the pitfalls, felt the frustration. It was time for a change. This is why reignite was born.

Johannes Herbig

Johannes Herbig

Co-Founder; Chief Executive Officer
Christoph Schulze

Christoph Schulze

Co-Founder; Chief Product Officer
Joshua Kirrbach

Joshua Kirrbach

Co-Founder, Chief Data Officer
Jan Frömberg

Jan Frömberg

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Florenz Erstling

Florenz Erstling

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
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PyroLink is your spark to lead in our gaming community. As an early adopter, you’ll join one of three teams, fostering connections, guiding newcomers, and illuminating the joy of gaming. As you complete community quests and engage within our PyroLink program, you'll gain XP, unlock new titles, earn privileges, and reap rewards. Your Pyro level is a testament to your dedication and contribution, reflecting your luminous journey. Your flame awaits.

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Create your unique character, join a community of creative gamers, and make your mark. Download reignite and bring your character visions to life.

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