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What’s the Deal with Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) - an imperfect solution yet an essential tool for crafting balanced and competitive games, providing both seasoned gamers and newcomers opportunities to thrive in their gaming journey.

What’s the Deal with Skill-Based Matchmaking?

If you’ve ever tried playing a multiplayer game in matchmaking mode, then you know how frustrating it can be. You join a game expecting to have some fun and end up getting destroyed by someone who is leagues better than you. Or, worse yet, you find yourself in an unbalanced match-up where one team has far superior players and the other has a bunch of newbies. Unfortunately, this is often due to something called skill-based matchmaking (SBMM).

What is SBMM?

Skill-based matchmaking works by matching players together based on their gaming skills. The idea behind this type of matchmaking is that it will create fairer matches by pairing players with similar levels of skill and experience. In theory, this should make for more balanced games where everyone has a chance to win. However, in practice, things don’t always work out that way.


Why Does SBMM Suck?

The biggest problem with SBMM is that it often creates matches that are too one-sided. Since the system is designed to pair players with similar levels of skill, it can sometimes lead to lopsided matches where one team has all the pros and the other team consists entirely of noobs. This means that even if you’re an experienced player, you may still find yourself at a disadvantage because your opponents are just as skilled as you are! Furthermore, SBMM also means that newbies may never get the chance to learn from experienced players since they will always be matched against people who are at their own level or lower.

This should be the concept, all players of equal skill fighting tooth and nail for victory, but the majority of my teammates are just...bad. its not their fault, and i dont blame them, but i dont think they should be matchmade into my team against enemies of around my skill level. its been worse since 2.0, and it sucks for me to lose due to them and it sucks for them to do bad because of the overall skill of the lobby.  
as far as i know the game matchmakes 6 or 12 people as fast as possible and then tries to balance their combat rating out. this leads to a good player being stuck with multiple really bad ones and coming up against a team of decent players (which will normally then win)

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The Benefits of SBMM

Despite its flaws, there are some benefits to using skill-based matchmaking in multiplayer games. For one thing, it allows for more competitive play since players will now be matched against opponents who have similar levels of skill and experience as themselves. This should make for more evenly matched games and fewer blowouts where one team dominates the other. Additionally, SBMM also helps ensure that newbies aren’t completely overwhelmed when they first start playing—they shouldn’t have to worry about running into pros right away!



At the end of the day, skill-based matchmaking isn’t perfect but it does provide some benefits for both experienced gamers and newcomers alike. While it may not be ideal in every situation, it can still help create more competitive matches while allowing newbies to learn without being completely overwhelmed by seasoned pros! So next time you jump into a multiplayer game and find yourself facing off against someone who seems like they know what they’re doing—just remember that it might be thanks to SBMM!